You deserve a ceremony that honors your personality and beliefs, sharing them in a beautiful way with your loved ones.

You deserve to work with someone who fully accepts and celebrates who you are.  My ceremonies are modern, fresh, fun and embrace gender equality and fluidity. 

I believe in a world in which diversity and love are celebrated, in which families come in all different forms, and new rituals and traditions are merged with the old to create a ceremony that is FULLY YOU.
Sue was fabulous and accommodated our needs perfectly. She is professional and flexible and helped us achieve the most perfect ceremony. The options she has to choose from are wonderfully modern and unique.

- Carrie & Zoe


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am so passionate about creating loving, joyful and inclusive ceremonies for all folks! I would love to help  you create a ceremony that shares your connection and celebrates your love. All of my ceremonies are egalitarian, sacred, modern - and fun! At the same time, its important that your relatives feel comfortable and welcomed, and we can do this while still staying true to you. 

As samesex weddings become more common, language and traditions are catching up!
 There is no set way you have to walk down the aisle, exchange vows or make up your wedding party, and there are so many creative and meaningful options we can figure out together. 

I want to hear your love story! I want to get deep into the heart of what matters to you on your wedding day, and do just that. I know that wherever you fall on the spectrum of belief, whatever you want to highlight on your wedding day, it is possible.

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Sue is the best! We are so glad we randomly came across her. She made our special pop up wedding amazing, carefree and a celebration to remember for all! Kind, caring and well spoken while combining the Joe's into Joe Joe. Thanks, Sue. Highly Recommended!

- Joe & Joe

Funerals & Celebrations of Life

Your loved one deserves a ceremony that fully encompasses who they are and the life they lived. Together we can find ways to make family members feel honored and included, while also sharing fully the beauty of your loved one’s life. 

My funerals and celebrations of life are highly personalized to your loved one, and offer both a safe space to grieve, and an invitation to find connection and solace through sharing your pain. I bring a fresh, modern approach and current understanding of LGBTQ+ language, issues and identity to the table, in order to create a ceremony that fully honors your loved one.

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She is not judgmental at all and made our day feel incredibly magical. Everyone loved her and many commented that it was the best ceremony they had ever witnessed. Honestly, she exceeded our expectations. What she can do, no one else we have researched does.

- E & M

Coming Out & Gender Transition Ceremonies

This special ceremony is a powerful way to acknowledge you or your loved one’s courage in sharing who they are! There is no bigger gift than living authentically as who we are, and in doing so, we inspire others to live fully as their true selves! If you or a loved one has recently come out or transitioned, now is the time to gather up friends and family to share in a special ceremony to honor and celebrate this huge life event!

What does it actually look like?

I work closely with the honoree in advance, taking time to meet in person and hear their story, what has led them this point, and what they are looking forward to in their future. Ceremonies vary based on the person, but here are common elements:
  • State purpose: Ex. “We gather here to witness what John has known for most of his life. Today, among loved ones, you are sharing a vital part of who you are.”
  • Sharing their story: based on our conversation, I share a story of what has led them up to this point, and what coming out as their true gender and/or sexual identity means to them
  • Altar for Past, Present and Future: guests hold space while the honoree lights a candle and takes a few minutes to say goodbye to their past, then lights a new candle representing their true self
  • Community vows: Ex. “Friends and family, do you give your blessing to Dana to be who she is?” Everyone: “We do!" “Do you promise to support, accept and celebrate her as the beautiful, courageous woman she is?” Everyone: “We do!”
  • Share readings, poems or songs that are have helped the honoree or represent where they are now in their path Ex. Mary Oliver’s “the Journey”
  • Cross the threshold: the honoree is invited to walk down a path of candles, and repeat affirmations Ex. “I promise to treat myself with gentleness and wonder as I step into my future. I promise to step fully into life and do everything I want to do.”
  • Share the love: Everyone is invited to share blessings and wishes, give gifts, hugs, and celebrate!
  • Potluck/Snacks/Party

Interested in working together?

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Photo Credits: (1) Katrina Van Camp Photography, (2, 3) Joshua Jerrid
Sue Cairnie Ceremonies is based in the Okanagan, BC Canada, on the unceded territories of the Syilx Okanagan and Secwepemc Nations.
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