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So you've done the paperwork and you're officially divorced...but you still feel a need for something more. Imagine a healing ceremony designed to bring your loved ones together to acknowledge your journey and support you in letting go of emotional ties. This is a chance for you to experience deep healing and forgiveness. 

To acknowledge that you both did the best you could under the circumstances. To accept that your life turned out in a way you never would have chosen, but which has ultimately made you stronger. To embrace the blessings in your life, and to step forward into your future, empowered and whole.
Thank you Sue Cairnie for the incredible divorce ceremony you created for me. I was nervous that I might not need one since I had been separated from my ex for over 2.5 years and had recently fallen in love. However, it was just what I needed to as final closure.

Your thoughtful retelling of our relationship story, brought clarity to the whole experience of what I went through during my time with with him. Having my friends there gave them the opportunity to share their memories and stories of watching me stuck in a very challenging relationship. I was able to see the pain it caused for so many and it was healing for my whole community.

We ended by pulling out the wisdom gained from that period of my life and blessings on both parties and well wishes for our separate futures. Thank you from providing such sensitive, funny and sacred facilitation in marking this life changing event for me.

- Jenny Rae Walter

What does a Divorce Ceremony include?

Each ceremony is handcrafted to meet your needs.  There is no point doing rituals that are not MEANINGFUL to YOU! I work closely with my clients to ensure we capture their needs.

Here are some common elements: 

  • Symbolically cut ties: cut a rope or cord, remove your wedding ring or blow out a candle
  • Friends and family share readings or reflections on your strength through this divorce
  • Forgive yourself & all involved
  • Speak new vows: to yourself or children
  • Take back your name: Put on a new piece of jewelry, friends repeat back your maiden or current name 
  • Share hopes and dreams moving forward
  • Special rituals if children are involved: bubble blowing, gifts, vows, seed planting ritual

Who holds a Divorce Ceremony?

While they can be done involving both partners, typically it is one partner who invites their family and friends, but usually not their ex-partner. The focus is on acknowledging the challenges of their divorce, and celebrating what they have learned and the new life they are stepping into. Sometimes both ex-partners hold a ceremony together, especially if kids are involved, to acknowledge the change in their relationship and commit to moving forward as co-parents.

What are the benefits of a Divorce Ceremony?

  • Gather your community around you to acknowledge the challenging journey you have been on
  • Healing: focus on blessings, forgiveness
  • Cut emotional ties & receive closure
  • Feel the love & support of your community
  • Transform grief and pain into new beginning

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Sue Cairnie Ceremonies is based in the Okanagan, BC Canada, on the unceded territories of the Syilx Okanagan and Secwepemc Nations.
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