May 16, 2021

Big Wedding Day Emotions: What to Expect

I’m thinking about how our emotions don’t always show up in the timing we expect them to. How sometimes the best part of your wedding is the moment you least expect, or even happens the week before or after. How your ceremony, your after party, might not be the BEST THING EVER and that’s okay. In our culture we put a lot of stock on holidays, celebrations, special moments, and there is an expectation that you need to feel a certain way on those times to fully appreciate them. And yet it is so common to have a holiday or birthday or special moment fall flat in a way, or come when you are not at your best, or be marked by things outside of your control that get in the way of being fully present. 

Photo by Selina Photography

And I know I talk a lot about how amazing your ceremony is going to feel – and for a lot of folks that is true…but also…if it doesn’t…Lovebugs that is totally okay. Maybe the emotions, the love, the joy hits you that evening as you snuggle up with your SPOUSE for the first time. Maybe it hits the week before as you realize you are REALLY doing this. Maybe the best, most joyful moment of your wedding is the two of you sneaking away and cracking up over something ridiculous. And maybe the emotions you hoped for aren’t going to show up exactly on time for your ceremony. 

Lovebugs, I got you. I got you when you are feeling so nervous or emotional that you think you are going to lose it, and I got you when your heart is overflowing with love. My job is to hold space for BIG FEELINGS, and that’s it. It’s not any of our jobs to control exactly how or when or what we feel. All we need to do is show up. Trust in our journey with our person. Trust that our emotions, moments, memories, are coming in perfect timing. And to give ourselves as much grace and tenderness as we give our loved ones. To know that no matter how your wedding day feels, it’s just one day. What we are celebrating is a LIFETIME. And you will have those days and those moments where your heart explodes with love for your partner and your life together. Just not necessarily exactly in the moments you expect. 

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