Mother Blessings

Support and empower new mothers!

“Your body knows the way. Just like your mother and her mother and her mother before, your body knows the way.”

- Traditional Birth Song


This is one of my favorites! It’s a super special ceremony in your honor, where you gather the closest women in your life to support and empower you as you prepare to cross the threshold and bring back new life. It’s like a mother-centred Baby Shower, with a focus on filling the mama-to-be up with love and connection as she gets ready to give birth.
Sue is special. She facilitated my blessingway that was a unique, shared experience with one of my best friends who was pregnant. She had personal, perfect suggestions and became one of the family through her warm and loving leadership. I loved every minute with my family and friends and can't say enough about her beautiful talent to guide ceremony. Thank you Sue!! I would choose you again in a minute.

- Jen Millan

How it works

  1. We will meet in person to check in about your intentions and desires for this ceremony so that it is tailored to your specific needs.  
  2. Your choice whether you receive the ceremony script in advance or keep it as a surprise
  3. The day of: you take a bath/go for a walk/your choice for half an hour while the Celebrant and your guests set up the ceremony space, then enter and prepare to be led through a journey!
  4. The ceremony takes approx. 2 hours and is typically followed by a potluck feast (men may be invited for this part)
After an extremely challenging first birth experience with a lot of complications, I was feeling very nervous going into my second birth. Sue organized a Blessingway for me that involved my mother and friends. My friends shared hard stuff they had gone through. I felt like we could support each other not just through the positive stuff, but also through hardship. I loved the songs we sang and I sang them afterwards to gather my strength when I felt nervous. 

Afterwards, my midwife remarked how my anxiety had decreased. The Blessingway was the turning point for me and my fears around birth. I knew I could survive the birth even if it didn't go as I planned. I could feel the support this time, and I was a lot more calm and relaxed. I was able to have a VBAC, and this birth experience has helped me heal from the trauma of my first birth.

- Mikaela Cannon

Each ceremony is different, however here are some common elements:

  • Affirmations & Blessings
  • Readings, songs, poetry
  • Fear Release: let go of fears about birth ex. Write on paper and burn
  • Meditation into the Cave of Women
  • Love Balms: receive the healing touch of massage, a foot bath, hair braiding and/or reiki
  • Sharing of birth stories, advice & wisdom
  • Specific spiritual/ritual elements at your request
  • Weave the web of connection: yarn bracelets to connect us all
  • Birth Necklace: everyone brings a bead representing your strengths
  • Create a mobile: everyone brings an object to hang on mobile
From the beginning planning to the end result, I had a clear picture and knew she was the perfect choice for this special day. She performed 2 blessingways in 1. She was aware of the different visions that both of us mom's had and she was able to deliver the dream ceremony we both envisioned. I was so happy to share this blessingway with my other mama and include the father's in the process. She was solid support during the set up, she provided humor, love and strength for me, my family and our guests on this day. I am so thankful we did this and generated an ever lasting loving memory and bond for this new little being entering the world.

- Kessa Shroeder

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Sue Cairnie Ceremonies is based in the Okanagan, BC Canada, on the unceded territories of the Syilx Okanagan and Secwepemc Nations.
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