Bride's Initiation

Before your wedding, you stand on the threshold between your past and your future. This ceremony brings together your closest friends to hold space for you as you tap into your deep inner knowing and prepare for this big transition. Similar to a Women’s Circle, it is also a chance to connect with your bridal party and feel the love surrounding you!

How it works

  1. We will connect in person or via facebook about your intentions and desires for this ceremony, so that it is tailored to your specific needs.  
  2. Your choice whether you receive the ceremony script in advance or keep it as a surprise
  3. The day of: you take a bath/go for a walk/your choice for half an hour while the Celebrant and Bridal party set up the ceremony space, then enter and prepare to be led through a journey!
  4. The ceremony takes approx. 2 hours and is typically followed by a potluck feast (men may be invited for this part)

Each ceremony is different, however here are some common elements:

  • Affirmations & Blessings
  • Heart Jar Ritual: everyone brings an object symbolizing their relationship with you
  • Flower Ritual: blessings for your marriage
  • Readings, songs, poetry
  • Altars to your past, present and future
  • Meditation into the Cave of Women
  • Love Balms: receive the healing touch of massage, a foot bath, hair braiding and/or reiki
  • Plant seeds of intention
  • Sharing of stories, advice & wisdom
  • Specific spiritual/ritual elements at your request

Get in touch for more information.

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Sue Cairnie Ceremonies is based in the Okanagan, BC Canada, on the unceded territories of the Syilx Okanagan and Secwepemc Nations.
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